What is contact lens?

Contact lens is alternative solution for glasses which are used for refractive disorders. They are also used for cosmetic and treatment.

All principles of glasses are applied in contact lenses. Myopia and hypermopia can be corrected with contact lens that related to cornea shape and glass prescription. changed cornea shape cause astigmatism so patients have to wear hard contact lens or special made (toric) soft lens. The lens prescription must be same as glass prescription.. Patient who have high myopia should use lower and hypermetropia should use higher prescriptions.

Hard Lens (gas permeable)

It allows oxygen go through to eye that is why it is called permeable hard lens. They are especially very suitable for keratoconus or astigmatism at high level.

Soft Lens

There are many types of soft lens. Disposable lenses could be daily,monthly, 3 mounts, or 1 year wear or they could be bifocal or colored lenses. The usage of these lenses are very comfortable and worn for curative purposes too.

The Advantages of lenses over glasses.

  • Objects are seen in original size
  • Visual field of Lenses are larger than glasses. Side view of glasses is weaker.
  • Contact lenses don’t have an edge whereas people with glasses always see the frame.
  • There is no evaporation on contact lens.
  • Contact lenses do not bother while doing any activities.
  • Patients can easily wear sunglasses with their contact lenses on.
  • Lenses are much more lighter and comfortable to use comparing to glass wear


Unsuitable Contact lenses may cause problem . Normal or Colored Contact lenses should be bought after full eye examination. Doctors should determine the most suitable power, radius and type of contact lens in the examination. Our center will give you trial lens if you have not experienced it before. When the proper use of lenses are understood well, our center then will give you real contact lenses, lens storage case, care solution and the manual


  • You should wear contact lenses as long as your eye doctor determined.
  • You should never keep wearing expired lenses even it feels alright.
  • You should go to routine eye examination.
  • Patient should clean, disinfect and rinse every time they take them out.
  • Do not use the lens solution more than once.Refresh it before use.
  • Do not share lens with someone else.
  • Do not use any hair spray or perfumes after you have put them on.
  • Do not put any make up inside of the eyelid and never use any eye drops unless it is prescribed by your eye specialist.
  • Do not touch the top of solution bottle with your finger or contact lens.
  • Do not continue using your contact lenses in case of any infection or discomfort in your eyes