If an eye can not carry out proper visual acuity, it must be due to the amblyopia or with its common name “Lazy Eye”. It might be inherited infancy disease which require an urgent exam and treatment in children. Since those children are at the risk, their prompt eye check must not be ignored.


STRABISMUS; The most common reason of this disease is strabismus. It usually affects only one eye. If one of the eye fails to see properly, the healthy eye will be pushed to see automatically. In same cases, children may have misalligned or crossed eyes that are know as “Strabismus”

REFRACTIVE ERRORS;If one of the eye has some blurry vision which might have occured due to some refractive disorders, this eye means to have completed its development. This type of Amblyopia is the most difficult one to discern because of not having any visible sign. It can be treated upon to the recognition of any misallignment in the eye but then it is always too late. Therefore all the children with or without any complaints must be examined to avoid any risk of Amblyopia under the age of 4.

Cataract can be another reason in infants. This is also very easy to be diagnosed with a basic examination. As the pediatrician observes cataract in the pediatric exam, the baby must go under surgery as it will cause Amblyopia very quickly.


It can be very difficult to diagnose any sign of Amblyopia in children between 3,5 and 4 years old. The pediatrician manually examines each eye with the other eye closed. Each eye’s reaction is evaluated by the physician in order to find out Amblyopia. Also each eye is examined just after the pupil has enlarged and its refractive ability is evaluated. Each eye also examined closely to seek any sign of misallignment or disorder. The most important point in the exam is to check if one eye has extremely more refractive error than the other eye.


The most common way of treatment is to force the child to use the affected eye by patching the healthy eye for a long time. This is a long and annoying treatment for the child so they attempt to take the patch off many times without our notice. İt is also necessary to patch the eye before medical intervention. During this period, parents should be very patient, tolerant and supportive by explaining the importance of patching.