Unlike classic method of cataract, perfect technology in surgical incisions with computer-controlled laser cataract

Risks are eliminated, healing process shortens

Femtosecond laser technology shortens the healing process and creates a safer surgical environment, by enabling the most important stages of cataract surgery under hands-free computer control.

Personalized, bladeless, safe operation

Femtosecond laser technology ensures the realization of the most important stages of Phaco Surgery known as 'Laser cataract treatment' in a tailor-made and secure way:

  • Creation of the corneal incision with a laser beam without blade,
  • Astigmatic correction,
  • Formation of the opening created in front membrane of cataract lenticula in desired sizes,
  • Fragmentation with cataractous lens with the help of laser energy.

The quality of vision is increasing

Computer-controlled femtosecond laser technology is not a robotic surgery. It should be noted that not only surgeon's use of technology but also his dexterity is important. However, femtosecond laser takes the quality of vision to higherlevels, providing preparation of the slot in which multifocal (near and far) intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery are settled in a proper manner at high level and safety manner at micron-level. Patient's dependence on glasses is much reduced or completely eliminated with multifocal lenses unless there is an eye defect that reduces vision except for cataract.