• In the summer months, when the sun is effective and shiny, you should not go out without sunglasses.
  • Smoking has negative effects on our eyes just as it affects our other organs. Do not smoke.
  • The more you consume Vitamin C, The less you have the risk of cataract.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, it has positive effects on your eye health.

Althouh It may vary depending on the type of surgery, there is no need to have sutures in cataract surgery.

Due to the difficulty of operation and hardness of cataract it may vary for the patient to see clearly.

You will have a good vision within 1 week - 15 days. The patient will recover completely between 15 days and 30 days. If the patients comes and has surgery just on time, it may take 1 or 2 days to heal.

Except in special cases, the lens remains in the eye lifetime.

Multifocal lenses are more expensive than monofocal lenses due to the advantages they provide.

Private health insurance companies may finance the surgery according to the package you purchased. But social security system in Turkey meet only the cost of standart cataract surgery.

LASIK is the most widely used method of laser treatment in the world. Excimer Laser Lights which have been programmed by the computer reshape the cornea to focus and see clearly. PRK - Lasek or Lasik could be applied due to the type and structure of your cornea.

The treatment of refractive defects by excimer laser started with accumulated knowledge and clinical trials in the United States upon to the approval of FDA (American Food, Health and drug control the most important institution) assuring its effficiecy and safety

Laser treatment can be applied to the eye again in case of reccurence provided that corneal thickness is suitable.

Only 5 % of the cases might require second laser treatment.

Second Laser Treatment may apply to the people with high degree of refractive error or who overreacted to the first laser surgery.

The second laser will be much more comfortable and safer than the first one since microkeratom will not be used during the operation.

The second laser will be much more comfortable and safer than the first one since microkeratom will not be used during the operation.

Low, medium and high degrees of myopia can be treated with lasik.

Patients may have either no refractive error or veyr low degree it those who had high degree of myopia or hypermetropia.

Stabilization of the eyes are quicker after surgery

Both eyes can be operated at the same time.

Operation does not require hospitalization.

Patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours.

Laser is not appropriate for every eye. After a detailed examination, your eye surgeon determine whether your eye is suitable or not . There is no risk of visual loss for the patient after Lasik.

It is usally not possible to have any degress except for some recurrence which might not require glasses. If you have a very high degree of myopia or astigmatism, a second laser treatment may solve your problem.

Excimer laser treatment effects only on the cornea.It has no effect on the deeper tissues. Therefore, cataract or glaucoma cases related to laser treatment have not been reported yet. But the streoid drops which are used to control the reactions may cause temprorarily raise your eye pressure. Because of this reason, these medications are used carefully. In case of any side effects, the medication should be stoppe

Patients who used to wear high degree glasses may need to use low degree glasses. They should wait until their eyes have completely recovered to wear soft contact lenses. Color lenses can be used sometime later.

Turbo Eye Tracking System tracks any rotations and shifts in the eye, so that laser rays are sent directly the area that is needed to be corrected.

It changes due to the condition of the patient, type and stage of the cataract. Cataract surgeries are performed with phacoemulsification technique easily. In this technique, the lens which lost its clarity are removed thru a tiny incision and an artificial lens are placed.

Local anesthesia is usually applied in cataract surgery. Narcosis (general anesthesia) does not use except child, baby and some special occasions.

If the artificial lens which is placed in the eye in surgery, are only for your distant vision, you will need reading glasses. If multifocal lenses which are used for both distant and near is placed in your eye , you will not need to use glasses.

In some cases, you may still need to wear glasses.

Althoguh Burning in eyes is not a disease,it is also a very common condition on eye. Sometimes some diseases on the white membrane which covers up on eyes, eyelid, conjunctiva or some diseases about cornea can cause this case.

There are many reasons cause burning in eye. If we talk about environmental factors causing eye burning; smoke, dust, polluted air, shampoo, soap and many factors similar to these also cause eye burning. Eye burning does not cause critical results. You should sluice your eyes and rest a little. If burn goes on for days, you should refer to an ophthalmologist.

Eye redness is an important eye disease which should not be neglected. Occasionally, it is caused by any bleeding due to the rupture which may result in the expansion of the blood vessels on the conjunctiva.

From sudden eye pressure, allergic conditions, foreign materials in the eye, sun exposure and the other reasons can cause eye redness. According to the cause of occurance, method of treatment varies. Each of the process and the way of the treatment are different.

Tic in eyes are usually seen in hard times. Tic does not point to any eye disease. If it bothers you so much, I would recommend you to go neurologist.

Under-eye bruise is commonly inherited. Mostly dark-skinned people usually have this problem. Under-eye bruise can occur due to a problem at birth, blood vessels that are close to the skin and cells that give color to the skin. And also can occur later because of smoking, alcohol and drugs.

The first of them is sudden raise in intraocular pressure. Especially this happens in times of trouble and in dim times. The drainage channel which Intraocular fluid leaves through is congested, intraocular pressure increases. There are some symptoms such as eye pain, headache and nausea.

The second case is intracranial pressure raise. In this case, symptoms such as headache and nausea are more significant than visual problems.

Thirdly, sudden vision loss might be arising from cerebrovascular diseases. The other complaints or symptoms may not accompany. Migrane patients also have the same complaints.

Finally, some eye disease which may affect the optic nerve must be considered. So, briefly this is a very important disease which should be diagnosed and treated quickly. You should see an eye doctor and later if necessary it would be good to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon.


Color blindness does not mean visual loss or full blindness. Deficiency in the way we see color can cause this problem in our vision. Some certain colors can not be distinguished properly such as blue and yellow or red and green. This disease is mostly inherited and affects males more frequently than females. Red-green color deficiency is the most common form of color blindness. It might also occur due to the damages on our optic nerve or presence of Glaucoma

Most of congenital color blindness is moderate. The most commonly used method for the diagnosis of color blindness Ishihara cards. These cards are colored numbers and puzzles. People who are color blind can not read the numbers and solve puzzles. This test is also used, as well as the color balls.

Itchy eyes may be due to an allergy, infection, lack of tears, some material in eye, immune system diseases, eyelid and eyelashes, rheumatic diseases, some skin diseases. Tiredness, sleeplessness and workihg with the computer for a long time might cause this problem too. An eye exam should be necessary to diagnose the reason

  • Vision Loss ( Even if it is temporary )
  • Seeing flying obstacles in front of the eye ( points, small feathers, spots, stains )
  • Flashes
  • Blurry vision as if you are looking thru a curtain or a veil
  • Haloes around light
  • Pain around the eyes
  • Redness either on eyes or the skin around them
  • Edema and watery eyes
  • Bulging of one or both eyes
  • Misalligned eyes
  • Double vision
  • Diabetes
  • High arm blood pressure, arteriosclerosis disease
  • Kidney disease

Its a condition in which the natural lens lose the ability to focus.. For example, a person with glasses may be good at distant vision but bad at near vision. By the age of 40 it starts loosing the ability. People should use glasses for near vision To squint the eyes while reading books, need more light or keeping whatever we read in a distance of arm are the main symptoms of this disease

While trying to focus on the near objects, our brain works very hard to increase the refraction of our lens. This tiring work cause some headache. After using nearsided glasses, both vision and daily life would be much better.

This adaptation work ends at the age of 60. If patient had cataract surgery, patients have completely lost adaption ability and the prescription number turns 3 presbyopia. But myopia patients can only take the glasses of to read and see better during this period.

If patient has both presbyopia and myopia, They should use progressive glasses to have healthy life.

Contact lenses are much preferable than glasses providing more comfortable life than glasses. People feel much better by using contact lenses instead of wearing thick glasses.

Lens use reveals better results than glasses.

Contact lenses are sold in optic shops as glasses. However, it is not correct to give the patient contact lenses with the same number with glasses. Because patient may have problems with eyes. Before using lenses, patient should go to a doctor and have eye examination. During the examination, any discomforts with the eye lid and eyelashes are checed. The Choice of lens is recommended by the doctor according to the structure of the eye. In addition, the cornea diameter of the patient is an important criterion. Purchasing a contact lens with the prescription is not a good idea because of the missing information about the diameter.

Everyone has different eye structure. Due to the result of the eye exam, different ways of treatment might be possible. If patient has problems either with the eyelashes or eyelids, contact lenses should never be worn. Patients who had palcy or metamorphosis due to a trauma should also stay away from contact lenses.

Contact lenses in patients with dry eye problem may result in other problems which may either raise dryness or stings in the eye according to the lens material. Contact lenses should not be given to the patients with dry eye. Sleeping with contact lenses might be hazardous. However 30 day use and a week use contact lenses have recently been on sale. People should consider the sensitivity of their eyes before purchase.

Another issue to consider while using contact lenses is hygiene and cleaning. When you feel discomfort with your eyes, contact lenses should be removed immediately. Signs of restlessness may be in the form of redness, decreased vision, stinging, burning, itching. Such problems may be due to two reasons, one of which is having been using imappropriate lens use or paying less attention to the rules.


Color lenses are available for myopic, astigmatic and hypermetropic patients. Using either of them is not different from each other. Same care should be applied to color and normal lenses. However, only superiority of normal lenses is they have better vision.

Symptoms are not 'significant in early period. Since Eye pressure increase has slow progression, loss in vision can not be recognized at first sight. Early diagnose can stop the progress as long as keeping regular visits to our doctor. Sometimes patients may have rarely nausea, vomit, pain or blurred vision. But these symptoms may not occur in all patients.

If any of your relatives has Glaucoma and complaints about light pain and redness in the eye, eye pressure test should be carried out promptly. Mild pains or blurred vision can be observed sometime during the day.

Eye pressure (glaucoma) has two types open-angle and closed-angle. It is more difficult to understand open-angle eye pressure because it's symptoms are not very significant and clear. Closed-angle eye pressure (glaucoma) may cause headache in the morning and haloes around the light at night.

Sudden eye pressure causes very clear symptoms. Blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and pain in the back of the eye are most significant complaints. But this is not very common on the contrary, Intra ocular pressure raises slowly and give a mild pain. Therefore it might be very late for the treatment in most of the cases.

Most common eyelid diseases are generally due to allergic reasons. Inflammation of sebaceous gland may result in sty on the eyelid, challazion or blepharitis and ptozis are also very common. The treatment can vary from medications to surgical intervention related to the reason of disease

Symptoms in the eye may vary according to the reason. Itching is the most obvious and most unconfortable symptom in allergic cases. It may cause redness, pain, tears in the eye and swelling of the eyelid. Swollen eyelids and redness in the eye are the most common reason of sty or challazion.

The treatment of allergic eye diseases must tend to eliminate the facts that cause them. Since allergic reactions depend on external factors, exposure to dust, pollen, feathers trigger allergic reactions. All the medications are also for the treatment of the allergic condition.

It occurs especially in adolescence and young ages.

Genetic predisposition (member in the family with keratoconus) especially allergic conjunctivitis, scratching and rubbing the eyes constantly may result in keratokonus

direct touch of contact lenses in the center of the eye

sleep on the eye for a long time and such reasons may lead keratokonus.