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Cataract is known colloquially as “curtain”. It is the loss of transparency of the natural lens of the eye. The function of the clear lens of the eye is to refract light and enable it to focus on the correct spot on the retina (network layer that consists of optic cells). Thereby an image is formed on retina. If the natural lens becomes blurred and
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Ability of clear vision in the daily life is of great importance in terms of social and professional field for the person. If the lens system undertaking the duty of creating net vision of the eye does not function properly, refractive error will emerge. Refracting the beam directed to the eye by the cornea layer and natural intraocular lens more o
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The black spots in the eye are more common among older people. This eye disease progresses over time and may cause the person to feel uncomfortable.
Presbiyopi ve Tedavisi
Presbyopia is the loss of the lens's ability to change the focus of the eye through adaptation, in which the eye muscles change the shape of the lens. Presbyopia starts in the early years of the forties and everyone is affected.
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The retina is in contact with the vitreous gel that covers the eye. A healthy eye vitreous gel homogenates, tightens, supports the retina and pushes it towards the outer layer tissues, such as underlying choroid and sclera.
The high sugar level in the blood caused by diabetes causes damage to arteries, veins and very thin veins called capillaries in the whole body. Diabetes affects especially the nerve layer (retina or mesh layer) of the eye and the capillaries in this layer, disrupting its operation and causing loss of vision. 
The treatment may be completed in short periods of 15 minutes and the duration of the laser is only 15-25 seconds.
şaşılık tedavisi
Strabismus treatment may be applied with more than one method. Getting rid of this inconvenience is now easier with the developing technology. As Batigoz Health Group, we carry out strabismus treatment in all our branches.
Wavefront Kişiye Özel Tedavi
With the help of Wavefront analysis in this treatment, it is possible to get a better quality vision because other defects except the refractive defects of the eye can also be removed.
Our eye tears decreases especially due to the age and sometimes the drugs we use, and this causes it to fail to fulfill its function.