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Astigmatism which can be described as beams directing to the eye cannot focus on a single point mostly arises from the deformity in the cornea. Cornea is the frontmost transparent layer of the eye. Cornea, considered as health is round in the form of ping pong ball. Shape of the cornea in the astigmatic eye resembles an egg and because of this shap
Vitreous is the gel consistency transparent tissue filling the bulbus oculi. Vitreous constitutes about 2/3 volume of the eye and contributes to the formation of anatomic form of the eye. Vitrectomy operation in other words draining the vitreous gel surgically may be required for the rear segment disorder of the eye.
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Ability of clear vision in the daily life is of great importance in terms of social and professional field for the person. If the lens system undertaking the duty of creating net vision of the eye does not function properly, refractive error will emerge. Refracting the beam directed to the eye by the cornea layer and natural intraocular lens more o
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Degenerative Vitreous eye disorder defined as “Eye Floaters” which are small black spots seen around the eyes occurs as a result of vitreous fluid being completely transparent in early ages and located between the lens and retina deteriorating in time as the eye ages and losing its form and liquefaction form.
Presbyopia is the loss of the lens's ability to change the focus of the eye through adaptation. Presbyopia starts in the early years of the forties and everyone is affected. The main problem is the same as hypermetropia. The focal point of the light rays from nearby objects remains at the back of the retina and is out of focus. The reason for th
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Cataract is the loss of transparency of natural lens in the eye. Our natural lens helps outer lights focus to the behind the eye in other words, vision point. Blurred lens, becoming misty, loss of transparency in other words, emergence of cataract causes problems for the images to reach to vision point. Accordingly it will result in misty images, p
Vitrektomi nedir
While the eye is of very sensitive structure, it is the organ being vital in terms of function. Factors such as diet and life system (use of screen) should be regarded to protect the eye health. In addition to this, protecting the physical structure of the eye is one of the significant factors for protecting the eye health.
Katarakt Nedir ve Nasıl Tedavi Edilir
Cataract is known colloquially as “curtain”. It is the loss of transparency of the natural lens of the eye. The function of the clear lens of the eye is to refract light and enable it to focus on the correct spot on the retina (network layer that consists of optic cells). Thereby an image is formed on retina. If the natural lens becomes blurred and
Smile Lazer Nedir
ReLEx SMILE, being the advanced laser technology method, which has been used since 1990 for the visual disorders and which has been realized without a blade after 2000’s is applied by means of the experience and quality of Batigoz.
Relex Smile Lazer
Today, ReLEx SMILE, also known as 3rd generation laser treatment, is a method that can be applied to myopia (up to -10) and astigmatism (up to 5) without requiring  surgical operation (without blade) and without pain, with closed system (without tissue removal).