Black Spots In Eye

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The black spots in the eye are more common among older people. This eye disease progresses over time and may cause the person to feel uncomfortable. Some people think this is because of a psychological or blood pressure drop, but this is an eye disease.

Why do we see black spots in front of our eyes?

The light that enters the eye passes through the pupil in the middle of the iris that gives the eye its color. It then focuses on the retina through the eye lens and then through the vitreous. Vitreous is in egg white consistency and has transparent structure. The vitreous contains very thin and regular fibers. Essentially, the fact that we see our surroundings in a clear way depends on the transparency of the vitreous.

In some cases, the arrangement between these fibers is disturbed and the fibers thicken and become visible. So these flying black bodies are not in front of us; they are actually inside. What we see as black spots in our eyes are actually fibers. This is seen while we look at a bright or white floor. Seeing black spot may triggered by the following conditions:

  • This discomfort is more common in people with myopia.
  •  After eye injuries
  •  After Cataract Surgery
  • Past Intraocular inflammations
  • Is it a disease to see the objects flying in front of our eyes?
  • This phenomenon may be symptoms of some diseases in the eye, even if it is not a disease as itself. For example, seeing black spots in the eye may be a symptom of an important disease such as retinal detachment. Retinal detachment may be treated by laser method if diagnosed early.
  •  If the eye black spot vision situation suddenly develops
  • In case of sudden light flashes, consult an ophthalmologist immediately. In addition, if you experience loss of environmental visual field, you should see a doctor immediately. In general, most people see flying objects and neglecting them by thinking them as normal may cause serious problems that are determined later.

Is the disorder of flying objects treated?

If flying objects are caused by Retinal detachment and if realized in the early period, laser treatment is possible. However, laser treatment is only intended to prevent Retinal detachment. It cannot recover the seeing black spots on eyes

Laser Vitreolysis Technically suitable laser equipment, special laser lens and experience is a process that requires. Not all flying objects are treatable. Treatment availability depends primarily on the location of flying objects as well as on other optical properties of the eye. Laser vitreolysis treatment is rare in experienced hands, retinal tear and retinal detachment development.

Most people would not be too bothered to see black spots on the eyes, so surgery is not recommended. If the person is unable to do his daily work, then this problem can be solved by a vascular surgery and the person can continue his life without any problems. For the right solution and treatment, you can contact with Batigoz.