Nutrition and Dietetic

Nutrition is one of the most important factors that affect body health. While proper dietary habits ward off and protect our bodies against diseases, malnutrition may result in a number of disorders. The most prevalent diseases today caused by excessive and imbalanced food consumption are obesity and excess weight.
The dietary habits of the individuals’ who experience nutritional and weight problems for various reasons are examined in detail by the relevant expert during the first medical examination at our Nutrition and Dietetic Polyclinic.
The detection of body fat, muscle and water percentage and the distribution of body fat underlie the detailed analysis. A ‘personal nutrition plan’ is prepared according to the individual’s age, gender, height, blood results and their daily physical activities.
Our patients are supported for the below subjects at our Nutrition and Dietetic Polyclinic:

  • Dedicated Nutritional Plans for Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Hypertension Patients
  • Weight Gain Programs for Individuals Who Suffer From Emaciation
  • Dedicated Nutritional Plans for Gastroenterological Patients
  • Dedicated Programs for Children in Growth and Development Period
  • Dedicated Nutritional Plans for Mothers who are in Pregnancy or Breast Feeding Periods
  • Healthy and Planned Weight Loss Programs and Treatment
  • Food Intolerance Test