Excimer Laser Treatment

Excimer Laser is the surgical method used in the treatment of refractive defects such as myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia.
According to the degree of visual impairment, the transparent corneal layer on the eye is reshaped with the Excimer Laser beam programmed through the computer to ensure correct focusing and clear vision. All these procedures are called  eye laser surgery.

What are the treatment methods with Excimer Laser ?

Superficial Treatment (No Touch Laser - PRK-LASEK)

In PRK technique, the laser is applied after the corneal epithelium which is the most transparent layer of the eye is taken. Epithelial tissue will heal in 3 days. In the LASIK technique, the corneal epithelium, the most prominent layer of the eye, is softened with dilute alcohol and the laser is applied to the lower part. The epithelium is then placed back into its former position. Recovery takes 3 days.


Remove a valve from the corneal tissue by means of a mechanical knife; It is a method of correcting the visual defect by applying excimer laser beams to the tissue under the flap.


Femto LASIK Excimer Laser, which is created with combining the use of femtosecond laser technology and customised Excimer Laser, is applied in refractive surgery to eliminate visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

Femto LASIK, commonly known as iLASIK; LASIK is a method that is used intensively in laser treatments.

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WAVEFRONT Customized Treatment

Wavefront is a customized treatment that works on a specific cornea map, just like a person's fingerprint in this way, the quality of vision in dark is higher than the other standard laser methods.

Since the characteristic structure of each eye is different from each other, the distinction of this treatment is that it is a special treatment for the individual.


Thanks to the Eye Tracker system used during the treatment of LASIK, all horizontal and vertical eye movements can be observed.

With the static torsion (spin) control, even the differences between the smallest eye movements in the vertical (sitting) and horizontal (lying on his back) position of the patient are automatically corrected.

In the control of dynamic torsion,  all the rotational movements of the eye are followed and the necessary correction is done automatically.

Who can have Excimer Laser treatment ?

  • Those are older than 18 years and wearing glasses or contact lenses,
  • Those have no eye diseases such as keratoconus and eye pressure,
  • Those have no systemic diseases such as advanced diabetes and rheumatism,
  • Those whose eye defect has not changed for at least one year,
  • Those who are not in the period of pregnant and breastfeeding.

What to Consider Before Laser Therapy?

It is recommended that patients using hard contact lenses should stop using their lenses for 3 weeks and those who use soft contact lenses for 1 week in advance.