Eye Tests

The pachymetry device is used to measure the thickness of the protective corneal layer in front of our eyes.
Synoptophor is used for strabismus disease.
Thanks to Heidelberg retinal tomography (HRT), the posterior portion of the retinal layer and the macular damage can be seen in detail, and damage to the nerve endings of the Glaucoma with HRT can be observed.
OCT Anjiyografisi (İlaçsız Göz Anjiyosu)
OCT Angiography is known as “Next Generation Technology for Unmedicated Imaging”. The movement of red blood cells moving in veins is captured with OCT-B scanning and visualized.
Ultrasonic sound waves are used for imaging of posterior segment of the eye during the eye examinations when usual examination devices are not sufficient. Ultrasound imaging is necessary for both cases.
Thanks to OCT, the retinal layer may be examined in thin sections and especially the diagnosis and development of glaucoma may be followed.
IOL Master
The IOL master is used to accurately measure the strength of the artificial lens to be used in cataract surgery.
Oto Refraktometre
It is a device for measuring the refractive errors of cornea. Refraction is the breaking of the light rays on the cornea to fall on the retina.
Havalı Tonometri
Pneumatic tonometer is a test device used to measure our intraocular pressure. In the method applied in pneumatic tonometer, air is blown by the device and the measurement is completed.
Pediatric refractometer device is used for determining the refractive errors in pediatric patients.