Integrated Management System Policy

BATIGOZ Health Group has adopted its Integrated Management System Policy as follows:

  • To ensure the continuity and effectiveness of their treatment so that our patients get their health as soon as possible, based on scientific understanding and respect for ethical values in the diagnosis and treatment stages,
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure and technical equipment by using the state-of-the art technologies to carry out our service as intended,
  • To continuously improve and take measures by continuously improving the Corporate Terms and reviewing the service delivery and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System with internal audits,
  • To develop and implement effective management systems for the identification, minimization and management of health, safety and workplace risks by making risk-based studies,
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, visitors and patient and patient relatives,
  • To raise awareness and educate our employees on Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety and to encourage them to implement them within the framework of the legislation,
  • To par regard to the ecological balance by minimizing the wastes, making them suitable for reuse, reducing and eliminating the wastes that cannot be evaluated with appropriate methods,
  • To provide an effective and transparent working area in the environment of mutual trust with the suppliers, financial and private organizations we are in contact with,
  • To increase patient satisfaction by taking the complaints of the patient and patient relatives effectively and efficiently,