Message from the Chairman

Our valued patients, business partners and employees,

As the Batıgöz Health Group, our understanding of the quality and trust from the beginning of 2004 brought us the success of being a preferred and recommended brand.

Our strong and expert team and the services we have provided by using the latest technology and treatment methods have provided us with the happiness of being a distinguished and respected institution. We are taking firm steps towards becoming an international brand with our branches abroad. Our aim is to continue our efforts in line with our sustainable growth targets by increasing the patient satisfaction to the highest level and by our reliable and quality services.

As Batıgöz Health Group, in the development and transformation processes both in Turkey and abroad; We value the corporate governance dynamics that increase the quality of communication, ensure more effective management of risks, and bring trust and respectability to branding. Regardless of the circumstances, we do not give up our solution-oriented approach and strive to keep our strategic competence at the highest level as well as our services.

On this path that we are on, I would like to thank all of you for giving us strength and making our achievements sustainable.

Batıgöz Health Group

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Mehmet SOYLER