Non-Surgical Eye Environment Aesthetics

The last development in Eye Contour Aesthetic Treatment: PlexR

Plexr device is used as laser, radio disturi. Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is used. Tissues are Sublimated; thus the heat does not progress to the surrounding tissues and it only affects the epidermis on the surface.

Usage Areas around Eye:

1. Non-surgical Blepharoplasty;

Loosened and sagging skin around the eye and stretched with Plexr application, therefore skin layers are lost, skin is stretched and wrinkles disappear. During application, anesthetic creams are applied and 20 minutes after that Plexr is applied. By applying sunscreen protective creams / creams, staining is prevented. It may be re-applied.

2. Benign tumours and blotches around the eye are removed effortlessly with Plexr.

3. It is also used in eyelid edge tumours and skin haemodynamics.

It is used in the removal of the eyelid and surrounding stains, scatris.