OCT Angiography (Unmedicated Eye Angio)

OCT Anjiyografisi (İlaçsız Göz Anjiyosu)

OCT Angiography is known as “Next Generation Technology for Unmedicated Imaging”.

The movement of red blood cells moving in veins is captured with OCT-B scanning and visualized.

In OCT Angiography, the information of vascular and structural imaging is shown on one screen without an invasive procedure. Intravenous medicines are not administered to the patients as in traditional eye angiography. The 3D (3 dimensional) angiographic imaging of the eye is achieved.

Why AngioPlex?

· Retina and choroid layers can be examined separately for the ease of visual evaluation.

· It is a non-invasive and unmedicated angiography.

· OCT angiography is completed with only one scan. (Ease of single scan)

OCT Angiography

It provides the opportunity of examining the back layers of the eye one by one with 3D.

It is an angiography that does not contain medication.

The process is completed soon by means of the single scan.

The pupils are not dilated with drops.

Single imaging lasts 8-10 seconds.