Strabismus Treatment and Treatment Methods

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TREATMENT OF STRABISMUS: Strabismus treatment may be applied with more than one method. Getting rid of this inconvenience is now easier with the developing technology. As Batigoz Health Group, we carry out strabismus treatment in all our branches.

Strabismus is a clinical picture in which two eyes cannot focus on an object at the same time and / or coordinate movements of the eyes do not exist. Treatment is a long journey with our child and his family. In early diagnosis and early treatment of strabismus, we have taken a very important progress. In this way, when our child comes to primary school age; the level of vision, depth perception and parallelism of their eyes may be like their peers.

Strabismus Examination

The most important thing in strabismus examination is to take a detailed history. Measurement of visual acuity the age group that visual acuity can be measured, eye glasses examination and eye examination of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye is an integral part of the examination of the strabismus.

Eye scar removal may be life-saving, since strabismus may be a symptom of a life-threatening eye tumour such as an intracranial tumour or retinablastoma.

Handheld auto refractometer and electronic retinoscope "spot vision" used in pediatric eye clinics provide important convenience for children to reveal their need for glasses in a few minutes. In addition, the "spot vision" device examines the individual focusing of the two eyes and gives an idea of the angle of shift in the eyes.

Treatment Methods of Strabismus

In the treatment of strabismus, it is aimed to increase the visual acuity, to gain the perception of depth, to correct the abnormal head position and double vision if any, to provide free eye movements if possible and to correct the cosmetic complaints. The shape of the treatment is determined following evaluating the patient's examination findings and complaints together.

Strabismus treatment methods are classified as non-surgical and surgical methods.

Non-surgical methods, removal of the need for glasses, prismatic glasses, orthopedic treatment and an alternative to surgery or Botulinum toxin A application for the purpose of testing.

In surgical methods, the reconstruction of the balance, which disrupts the parallels of the eyes, is provided by intervening with the muscles that provide the movement of the eyes. If you want to make an appointment for strabismus treatment, you can make an appointment online by clicking here. We serve for strabismus in our every branch.