Vision, Mission, Our values


To perpetuate out development with undertaking to contribute to health and welfare by the way of providing our each patient with the best treatment with our specialist staff and the last technologies, by service and quality understanding at international standards.


To strengthen the economy of Turkey by increasing our domestic and overseas investment with our emphasis on the Health Tourism.

Our values:

Priority Value

To give priority to the needs of our patients.


To respect all our employees, suppliers, patients and their relatives and their rights.


To adhere to ethical principles and personal responsibility standards, which are worthy of the trust of our patients.


To approach patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy.


To accelerate the recovery process by considering the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients during the treatment.


To harmonize skills of the staff in a unique co-operation, giving value to everyone's contributions.


To create positive mutual energy by enriching the lives of patients and patient relatives we serve with innovative and creative approaches.


To achieve the best results with the contribution of each team member and to provide the best quality service.


To take the right steps to realize our mission and vision by managing human, natural and material resources wisely.