Our valued patients, business partners and employees, As the Batıgöz Health Group, our understanding of the quality and trust from the beginning of 2004 brought us the success of being a preferred and recommended brand.
Batıgöz Health Group, which is a healthcare organization that follows and applies advanced technology in its field has adopted the principle of providing patient-oriented service with its expert physician staff and professional team at its domestic and foreign centers.
To perpetuate out development with undertaking to contribute to health and welfare by the way of providing our each patient with the best treatment with our specialist staff and the last technologies, by Service and quality understanding at international standards.
With its academic and administrative staff, Batigoz Health Group has been working intensively in order to provide services to its patients and to facilitate access to this service.
To ensure the continuity and effectiveness of their treatment so that our patients get their health as soon as possible, based on scientific understanding and respect for ethical values in the diagnosis and treatment stages
Batigoz Health Group, with its Human Resources Policy, continues to increase its capacity as a pioneer in the health sector by valuing its employees, open to change, pioneers in its field, using resources efficiently, being sensitive to the environment and occupational health and safety, adapting quality standards, continuously improving its techno
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Since its foundation, Batıgöz Health Group has been world class standard with its high quality and reliable technology. She owes this to her medical staff, which consists of specialists and the trust of all her patients. Thus, Batıgöz Health Group has become a brand in this area.